Tuesday, August 12, 2008



Only your hands can
change me, saturating my
interstices: gem.

Come and make me light,
opaline before your field
of olivine eyes.

Sway me with your hands,
with a naked sliding home,
fast in the fissure.

Naked before you
I become your hands, your mouth,
this molding, this here.

How many patterns
form this landscape? How many
rivers coming now?

Forged in memory,
the final crystal, final
rainbow — beginning

again. Still water.
A kissing vapor. Your voice.
What are these colors?

What do we read in
these ancient hieroglyphics?
A metamorphing

underground. All hearts
on deck. This sensuous sea
agrees with your eyes.

The great uplifting
begins, an upheaval, rock,
new land of your nude

marble, veins exposed,
fistfuls of cummingtonite;
a naked new world.


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Blogger sludj said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/8/08 15:24  
Anonymous Ed said...

Very moving erotic work.

15/8/08 12:59  

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