Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Wall Street Blues Redux

The Wall Street Blues Redux

I've got the Wall Street blues
I just can't keep it down.
I got those Wall Street blues
And I just can't keep 'em down.
But you know about walls
They'll all come a'tumbling down.

Well, you can get all the money.
Baby, be as rich as can be.
You know, get all the money.
Honey, are you rich as me?
But sooner or later, some fool's
Gonna steal from your tree.

Well, I took all my money
I saved it just as best as I can.
I saved all my money.
I put it in a coffee can.
Then I put it on a house
and the Man ran as fast he can.

Can you bail me out, Baby?
You know I'm just as good as the books.
Will you bail me out, babies?
You know it's for the good of the books.
But when it's all in signed ledgers
It's a better way to catch those crooks.

Well, you can put it all on Wall Street.
You can take it to the Law of the Land.
Yes, you can put it on Wall Street.
You can take it to a list of demand.
But when it's all been settled
You know they'll just be paying their hand.

I put a 100 thousand down.
I pay it just before the month.
I bought a 6 grand house.
I pay it full every month.
Now my house is just as empty
of my money as a barrio dump.

I got the Wall Street Blues.
I'm singing just as fast as I can.
I got the Wall Street Blues.
But I'm singing just as fast as I can.
'Cause when I get my money
you know I'm gonna pay it to hand.

Well you can gamble and stock it.
You can put it in an IRA.
You can bond it and stock it
You can put it in an IRA.
But let me tell you something
Take all my money, bet I'll kick you IYA.

If you know about someone
who just lost a home and hearth.
If you are that someone
you just lost your home and heart.
You had to say, Mama,
I just gotta walk and restart.

Well, take all your money
save it just as best as you can.
I say, save alla your money.
Save it in a coffee can.
Then every month, Baby,
Pay yourself a double grand.

(to be continued)


in homage to Kid Douglas aka Memphis Minnie
and dedicated to Alisa Valdez

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Blogger adolfo said...

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30/9/08 21:15  
Blogger msedano said...

bye-bye wall street's blues
with congressional largess
wall street has the greens

1/10/08 08:22  
Blogger Sukhada Gokhale said...

good read!

23/10/08 17:54  

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