Thursday, September 25, 2008

100 Words of Restraint (an elegy)

100 Words of Restraint (an elegy)

How much hope we had.
Restraint was how we grew.
Ever twining our long way
out of there; intertwining sans
desire. You, a golden Lotus,
Darling. (How you fit that
warm shoe: Darling.) You wore
that new car scent, crisp
and sweet, succulent, for a
man. Did I covet you?
Like the rest. I shouldered
my restraint. Strapped into you,
how could I escape? That
ejection seat. This far from
you, without restraint, I'll say
it, how I loved you.
How death did us part.
You were my heart. Devéras,
Carnál, Corazón, and at last.
We gave us our past.


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Blogger Lyle Daggett said...

Oh, Lorna, this is lovely. Triste y hermosa.

26/9/08 17:24  

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