Thursday, December 13, 2007

"100 Words and Nine Haiku Into the Distraction of You"

100 Words and Nine Haiku Into the Distraction of You

Your face — distraction
Distracting as a hickie
You me everywhere

Too darned many forms
Of you — earth air fire water
Your enormous sea

Opening into
Dawn this talking fast walking
Slow touching — silence

Tree limbs branching out
Every flowering memory
In hummingbird's dream

This autumn burning
You distract me — smoke
From some ancient source

Cloud banks frost flies long
Red-Faced leaves — you leave me won
On some dream window

You your long rainbow
Of distraction — every hue
Anew new world too

Eucalyptus pods
Serendipitously sweet

Two windows / one world
Our passing through expands us
A distraction — you


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