Sunday, December 02, 2007

DON'T HATE, EDUCATE - Interview With Francisco Dominguez

Check out this interview with photographer/poet, Francisco Dominguez, broadcast on Free Radio KDRT in Davis, California, April, 2006. He speaks out about it all: immigration, militarization of the border, racism, ecological consequences, public policy, psychology and politics. Hear him in this long interview tell true stories of life and work on the US/Mexican border and his experiences as a fine arts photographer documenting border lives since the recent rise of migrating Guatemalan workers in 1991 and extending into immigration issues and migrant workers rights and struggles on the border for the past five years. In a nut shell, what Francisco says in answer to "What can we do to end the conflict over illegal immigration?" "Legalize them." Or as Bob Marley sings it, "Don't criticize them."

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