Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"For Phil Goldvarg: Poeta del Pueblo"

For Phil Goldvarg: Poeta del Pueblo

Poeta del pueblo
del río
de la Espíritu
del alma
vieja — poet
of sweet being,
of gentler tides
from the banks
of the heart — corazón
in a long line
of those facing
from the world:
blessed by palabras,
by aves de la justícia
touched by the taste
for freedom,
Poeta facing
the unreconcilable
differences on the border
of living and exploitation,
liquid greed and the flooding
in a river of tearing
apart; Poeta, He Who
Puts Together, who draws
us under his pen,
the sol y luna
in the galaxy of mind,
that mind, that lapping
daily renewal of verses,
flowing heart-songs
from the past
weaving us fast
to the future;
Poeta, Seer
in the healing
rain blessing us
with the sweet
irrigation of his
memory, his courage,
his will to say:


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