Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Unconscious Mutterings #212 On 2/25/07"

  1. Soldier :: of the heart, shoulder on. Be

  2. Lipton :: to a 7-Up of tide. Be the won

  3. Reason:: the one who doesn't lie. The decider:

  4. Terms :: which do apply under the barrel of a

  5. Positive :: gun -- and the siting. Situate it here, an

  6. Example :: of the truth, slice of blood and ash:

  7. Legacy :: of greed and desire. The power-up of your

  8. Solo :: flight to empire, the Imperial

  9. Instrument :: of the slicing Doctor, Herr Erring on the latter

  10. Later :: part of the equation: Peace, brother. Peace, sister. Cease.

* Be your own dang army; bring many hearts and minds to the table of your own unconcious feast.


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