Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Unconscious Mutterings #210 On 2/15/07"

  1. The best thing :: about this is you. The way I

  2. Hold :: autumn in the past of my fist, the slim

  3. Rapture :: in the bed of the downed, the under uber

  4. Cover :: , this chosen destiny into a discovered future.

  5. Restrictive :: though the heart can be, troubled past, wry

  6. Baker :: near the furnaces of chance, be the willing

  7. Author :: of my plot, this do and tell, tale of day,

  8. Pill :: in the mouth of somnabulists, this summer's

  9. Months :: let me give it into dawn, let me love it into gone.

  10. Valentine’s Day :: Be my gravy. Be the way there's always hot water in this house.

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