Saturday, February 03, 2007

Northern New Mexico Need Your Books

from Diana Delgado at Lorca Loca:
Northern New Mexico College Needs Your Help

For the last two weeks, I’ve been teaching a Poetry Class on the Northern New Mexico’s College Campus in El Rito and have realized their library is nil to nada. Granted there are many helpful books in the library (I did see a collected Plath), but the library is lacking those books that you and I have read that have turned the power on, and helped us see ourselves, others, or the world(s) in neon. Fiction, History, Art (anyone have an extra Ernst book?). Basically, send anything.

I know you have extra copies of your chapbook lying around. I know you have piggishly purchased two copies of your favorite book (I do it all the x). I know you have random books that you have wanted to rid yourself of but have not found the time to journey to the garbage or your local thrift store/salvation army. I also know that the majority of people that read this award-winning blog have already published book (s) of their own so you could start by sending a copy of your authored book. And what about you lit mags?


Help a college out and send x-tras or new books to:

Attn: Cecilia Romero
Northern NM College
P.O. Box 160
El Rito, NM

You could even put a donation note in the book: Donated by Diana Marie Nabokov…
posted by Diana Marie Delgado


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