Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why Blog?

As the sitemeter slides past 60,000 blog visits

Birdie asks, "Why blog?"

I blog to push through the plug of prose, that clot in the lower vertebrae of the soul between the inner eye and the third planet from the mind. I blog to open the doors I hide behind whenever someone knocks on the real. I blog to answer the phone. I blog to always be home. I blog for the dead -- literally. They like it. They like to see their names written in electrons of light, shooting out of the dark or slowly blinking in this self-made sky. I blog to remind. I blog to recommend. I blog to revel. I blog to reveal the bald spot on top of God's head. I blog to call out the goddesses. I blog for the goddesses of documentation. I blog because I lose my calendars even on a good day. I blog like the ocean comes in on waves. I blog like delivering hot meals to shut-ins. I blog to not be a shut-in. I blog to sing, "Yo soy!" I blog because I am misrepresented, misquoted, misunderstood and missed -- often. I blog to set the record straight. I blog because it's never straight and there's never any record. I blog to record. I blog because I can. I blog, because, I am. I blog because I can't sing worth a dam.



Blogger Okir said...

Exactly my sentiments -- only you say it better!

17/1/07 22:10  
Blogger Juliana said...

You have inspired me to write. Starting today I' going to write like there's no tomorrow and I have to say it all today. I bought a digital recorder and I'm interviewing my 83 year old mama to write her memoirs. I'm going to get those family recipes while I'm at it! Thanks again for being the Chicana with a blog obsession.

18/1/07 09:20  
Blogger Radish King said...

I blog to practice writing. I practice every day.

18/1/07 11:42  
Anonymous Pearl said...

That's a fun answer. Want to say it again at Darren is looking for people to answer that question for a presentation he's doing on blogging.

24/1/07 08:22  

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