Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Birdie On That Frustrating, Inscrutable, Convoluted Thing That Just Might Save Your Life

"Some women share this same knowledge, this deep pitch of ink against digital skin. They write their lives through connected words, through the art called Poetry. They know intimately that strange truth I discovered after half a life of pushing it far from me - that words carry more than meaning. They are water, they are essential."

Read more here: Lorna Dee Cervantes and others featured on Birdie Jaworski's post on on poetry and women poetry bloggers.

Birdie's a poet I really like a lot; her imagery is always breath-taking and poignant, and she has a great sense of 'the poem" within a piece of writing -- I always appreciate the way she chisels it. She's both brilliant and a natural.

Check out the links to other women po' bloggers such as Barbara Jane Bermeo (nee Reyes) as well as the other featured po'bloggers such as Pris Campbell. Thanks, Birdie! I think it's so fine to be mentioned on BlogHer, an org I highly respect. Maybe I can make their conference this summer in Chicago. And, maybe I'll see you there.


Anonymous Birdie said...

Lorna, thank you so kindly for your sweet words! I was thrilled to be able to feature you at BlogHer, and I hope that my crazy essay leads others to poetry - others who, like myself, might feel a wee bit like outsiders.

Big hugs!

24/1/07 11:22  

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