Thursday, February 15, 2007

Support Free Radio in Oaxaca and the Americas - Support Project TUPA

Support Free Radio

Project TUPA in Oaxaca, Mexico, 2/07

Click here to see a great slide show of the latest radio transmitter building workshop in Oaxaca this past week. Here's the latest from their Project TUPA website:

Transmitter Building Workshops - Oaxaca, Mexico, January/February 2007 - Click

With the struggle currently taking place in the state of Oaxaca, placing effective communications technology in the hands of the indigenous communities is extremely important. To that end, two 5 day transmitter and antenna building worskshops were conducted in the City of Oaxaca. During the course of the two weeks, representatives from 24 communities reflecting the diversity and breadth of Oaxaca built a total of 24 transmitter and antennas. In addition, workshops were given on the political, social, cutural and practical aspects of creating and running a community radio station. A follow-up program on the progress of these 24 communities will be conducted during the course of the year to see how well they are doing and to offer assistance as needed. A technical support and training center has been established in the City of Oaxaca to provide ongoing support - it is known as Oaxaca TUPA.

In addition, Project TUPA will be working with teachers in Oaxaca in late March to build 10 watt radio transmitters for the schools in various communities.

Please help me support the good work of Project TUPA and Free Radio Berkeley to bring free radio to a freer world. Any donation you can make today will go a long way toward bringing truth, education and cultural preservation to impoverished indigenous communities and empowering the voices of the voiceless. DONATE NOW to Project TUPA: Transmitters Uniting the Peoples of the Américas (and scroll down for information on how you get cds of love songs and books from Lorna Dee.)


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