Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boycott Christmas This Year

I'm seriously considering boycotting Christmas this year.

My son, of course, was appalled. But most of what he wants won't be available until after, anyways. And he usually gets stuff on 3 Kings Days, El Dia de Tres Magos. "So, what are we going to do instead?!" he asked. "Well," I answered, "I'm seriously thinking of fasting in support of poor indigenous peoples struggles in Mexico and thinking about peace on earth" "But, Christmas! What are we going to do for Christmas?" "Well, I'll still cook stuff. And ... we can make up our own holiday. We can celebrate Buy Everything Day! some other day" He laughed. I laughed. It was funny. And, true. Buy Everything Day -- Coming to your blog soon.


Anonymous Ernesto Priego said...

Viva la resistencia!

14/12/06 18:17  
Anonymous nezua limon xolagrafik-jonez said...

i know...we think of christmas so commercially. holding up the mighty engine with the dolla. holla.

paint, draw, build, write. i usually make my gifts.

15/12/06 08:48  

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