Wednesday, December 06, 2006

'Lorna's Smile' @ 9th Annual Voices for the Voiceless Poetry Concert After Receiving Lifetime Achievement Award - Fotos

Lorna's Smile
Originally uploaded by nuyoricangriot.
Check out these fotos of the 9th Annual Diaspora Poetry Concert by Eduardo Suarez posted by founding organizer and spoken word artist, Shaggy Flores. Lorna Dee Cervantes received the Louis Reyes Rivera Lifetime Achievement Award along with Roberto Marquez and Victor Hernandez Cruz -- all wielding "Weapons of Mass Discussion." It was an incredible reading from all involved: acting mc, Jahipster, Emanuel Xavier, Bao Phi and my dear friend and favorite thrower, Robert Karimi -- and an audience like a light socket. Energizing! There's hope when it's dope.


Anonymous Emanuel Xavier said...

Love you, Lorna! Send me your mailing address to send you a copy of the book I promised. It was amazing to share a stage with you!

8/12/06 16:32  

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