Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kramer: 'You See There's Still Those Words, Those Words, Those Words ... To See What's Buried Beneath You Stupid M**F**S'

I'm really bummed out about this. Kramer was my favorite comedian on Fridays (?) early on decades ago. I thought he was cute, and smart. Anyone remember that poet character he used to do? He'd seduce some lady with poetry -- the hilarious bit being that it was actually good poetry, done Kramer style, wearing wide lapels and tapered pants. But you know, there was always an edge of outright racism to Seinfeld, enough that it made me uncomfortable, to the point of never telling anyone that I watched it. Not that I watched it much, come to think of it. What I watched I watched in reruns. I still do now. Or, did. I'll never be able to watch it again -- and laugh. Never. I used to watch it for Kramer. Now, Mr. Richards, you're an ass. And racist. This video is shocking, and not in a good way. ("... a fork up your f... a.." ? How'd he know that? Family legends?) Given our history, that is, real US History 1a and 1b, this is totally uncalled for. Yeah, they ought to arrest him. There oughta be a law.... Oh, wait, there is a law! Scary part is he doesn't even seem drunk to me. One needs a good dose of Guillermo Gomez Peña after this, maybe the one where he beats the dead chicken with a nightstick until pieces of it are flying into the audience's lap, just to clear the head palette. And, the heart.

Indeed. It's shocking "to see what buried beneath you stupid m..f..s." Bummer.

And... Kramer on Letterman: "Jujitsu" (!!?) Hardly. Try again. Personal work? You need some "personal work?" I know where to get it. Rehabilitation. It's called jail. Arrest this Cracker Jack! He broke the law. There's a reason there's a law. He ought to serve time for it. Then he'll know sorry. Hey, he might even make some friends. I'm sure the Aryan Brotherhood might find it funny. We don't. And, anger is no excuse, just as it's no excuse for any kind of assault. I'm on the stage all the time. Anyone who takes to the stage learns early on how to deal with hecklers in a bar, especially a self-described "out-of-control" comedian -- who's definitely NOT FUNNY. "That's what happens when you interrupt the white man." Yeah. "That's it. We had it."


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