Saturday, November 11, 2006

Luis Cervantes: A Retrospective 1923 - 2005, Today, 4-8, SF

Hope to see you today at my father's art opening, "Luis Cervantes: A Retrospective (1923-2005)" at the SomArts Main Gallery at 934 Brannan in San Francisco's South of Market District. It's free and open to the public with good eats, music, poetry, great art and many blessings, all counted. Come celebrate my father's life and work, an influential figure in San Francisco's culture. Come meet us all and say hello. I'll be reading with my brother, Steve Cervantes, who'll be playing music. There will be other musical groups and presenters, including his life partner, the muralist, Susan kelk Cervantes of the Precita Eyes Muralists. Hope to see you there. It's from 4 - 8 pm this evening. Oh, yes, I'll have copies of DRIVE. Search this blog for more info, sorry I'm there now and on my slow laptop. Hope to see you soon.


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