Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sad News - Brother of Mana Guitarist, Juan Calleros, Discovered Dead

If you know me you might know that I'm a BIG Maná fan. I just got this bulletin from one of my MySpace buddies, Manatica, from DF. I remember first discovering Maná when they first toured California in the early 80's as the Los Calleros. Aurelio was playing with them then. The thought that he committed suicide just as Maná was hitting platinum worldwide just makes me sad. I almost wish it was over a woman. Let me know if you know anything more.

Asi es Manáticos ayer nos llego la noticia que el hermano de Juanito fallecio.. no se exactamente pero fuentes de Vallarta confirmaron lo sucedido...
Juanito estamos con tigo. lo mas doloroso es que por la gira y por presentaciones confirmadas para el dia de hoy y mañana Juan no podra asistir al entierro....

DEP... Aurelio Calleros

p.s. Just by chance, I happen to be listening to "Tengo Muchas Alas" in loop when I read the news. I'm still listening. "pasado es pasado ... Yo tengo muchas alas pa' llegar al cielo" "el peligro que yo me caiga"


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