Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"BIRD AVE" on YouTube! Lorna Dee Cervantes @ Purdue U, 11/9 & My Father's, Luis Cervantes Retrospective Art Exhibit Reception Sat., 11/11, 4-8pm, SF

Hey! I've been YouTubed! Someone must have had a cell phone recorder and caught this version of "BIRD AVE" at UH - Nuestra Palabra reading in Houston this last week, Oct. 24. This was also simulcast on the radio, KPFT, so you can hear the whole thing there - scroll for link. This is not the best reading of this. I wasn't planning on reading it, and hadn't read it in a long time. I say, "version", as this one is much flubbed. But, the spirit is there. I mean, considering your standard Gary Soto delivery type poetry reading. It will give you an idea of when it's right. Provecho!

Maybe I'll see you at Purdue University this thursday, either in Professor Sonia Gonzalez' grad seminar or at the reading that evening. Come say hello. I'll have books.

Or, maybe I'll see you in The City. I'll be San Francisco starting friday, and performing with my musician brother, Steve Cervantes, at the recepetion for my father's artwork, Luis Cervantes, a retrospective of his work at the SomArts Main Gallery on Saturday, Nov. 11 (Veterans Day -- He was a war hero - saved Normandy, for one) from 4-8 pm. Come on out. See the work of one of San Francisco's most influential artists, and one of the first Chicano artists in The Mission and elsewhere. Come celebrate. Dance. Hear some spoken words. Other poets and bands to perform. SomArts Main Gallery is at 934 Brannan St. in SF. The exhibit runs until Nov. 29.


'Cause "life on Bird was tough...."


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