Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What's Happening in Oaxaca

A poem I wrote at age 19 has been published and republished under it's original title, "Heritage" -- the published title in my first book, Emplumada, is "Oaxaca, 1974." The poem is just a fragment of a massive change of consciousness I experienced in Oaxaca the summer of '74. The place and its peoples have remained special to me ever since. In many ways, it's why I blog, in a round about way. I never would have been much of a technologically inclined person had it not been for the hurricane that hit the Oaxacan coast I loved at a category 5 force. Me and my little mac and my 4.something modem ended up connecting dioceses across the mud-ravaged land. I raised much needed funds to help out indigenous communities inundated in mudslides, floods and impassable roads. I was able to communicate right away with battery operated laptops. I knew how to research and how to disseminate. It was the least I could do.

Now, my son is of these people. He's half-Mixteco from the Oaxacan mountains.

Now, to see these videos in the zocalo ...

Support teachers, workers and indigenous peoples' struggle for justice and dignity -- paz y pan. Scroll down for an updated posting on events near you protesting police and paramilitary violence in Oaxaca. There will be a gathering outside of the Denver Post building in downtown Denver this friday, Nov. 3 at 6 pm. Be heard. Hear others.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a high school student at King's Academy in Jordan in the Middle East. I am doing a presentation on your work for my English class tomorrow and I was only able to access your blog today. If there is any way that you could answer a few of my questions that would be amazing! Gracias.

1. How did you learn Spanish even though you were discouraged from doing so at home?
2. What do you consider the main characteristics of your poetry?
3. What inspired you to become a poet?
4. In your poem Oaxaca 1974 when you mention "another language" did you mean Spanish or an indigenous language in Oaxaca?
5. In Oaxaca 1974 you used the word "esputa," and I had interpreted it as meaning to spit however my teacher suggested it might also mean whore (apologies for the bad word). What was your original intent in using the word?
6. Is there any other information that you could provide that would be helpful in understanding the meaning of your poem Oaxaca 1974?

P.S: As a Cuban-American I could definitely identify with your work. Me encanto!

9/12/14 06:17  

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