Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Change Is the Only Constant (Headache)

I've been working on something, in earnest, for the past week or so - longer, but not so earnestly - that has the potential to change my life, big time. Not a bad thing. So I've been procrastinating on it - not a good thing. As the mad fork plunges in and divides, I stand, the crossroads. At heart, I'm a fixed sign.

How about you?


Blogger Moises said...

I got friends coming over. Four white guys. Good looking and Tall. They want to have Thanksgiving Wednesnight. So I'm cooking tonight. Listening to The Beast in Me Twisting the Night Away when the gardener shows up to get paid. Que tengas buena noche. Y tu tambien because at heart I am a Moslem. At heart I am an American artist. I have no guilt as I stand over a sink full of leeks soaking in cold water and I'm sipping a pinot.

21/11/06 19:07  

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