Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pulitzer Nominated Dip: Me & The Radish King

A couple of months ago, Rebecca Loudon posted a recipe for spinach artichoke dip that sounded divine. I just had to try it so I made it last night. I fixed enough to serve T's whole floor at work and today it's almost gone. Great stuff! I'm not into Gorgonzola, or following recipes for that matter, but I just substituted French mushroom brie for it and it turned out scrumptious. I'll be converting it into a chaya recipe for my one-of-these-lives chaya cookbook as chaya tastes like spinach except it has less water and more vitamins. This dip would make a great crepe filler as well.

And, speaking of great, I just love to dance the I-Told-You-So! dance whenever I can. I love that all my newly discovered "Best" po' bloggers are winning awards, acing contests and placing books. One thing I know is that I know how to pick them. And so does Rebecca's publisher. Rebecca, who's just a nose hair above Alison Stine on my list of the Best of the Best as top poet (who blows the top of my head off) has just been nominated for a Pulitzer for poetry -- me and Rebecca both. What a great fantasy if Rebecca & I met as a result of placing as finalists; that'd be so cool. Heck, I stalled on my book in order not to have it published the same year as Nate Mackey's book and Siken's Crush, both major winners last year. Ha! Do I know how to pick 'em or what? Tally ho, Rebecca! May the best radish or radial win.


Blogger Radish King said...

Thanks, Lorna, and congrats to you as well. That dip is very forgiving. You can do almost anything to it and it's still good. Mushroom, brie, drooling yum.

11/12/06 09:08  
Blogger csperez said...

congrats lorna! and congrats also rebecca!

13/12/06 03:02  
Blogger holly said...

Kudos to my mentor! I am so excited for you!
I'm now a fellow po blogger, Lorna! I'm plodding baby steps with my own publications.
Appalachian love to you! holly

15/12/06 07:23  

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