Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Joan Armatrading!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite artists and muses, Joan Armatrading: "SHOW SOME EMOTION!"


Anonymous Andy Owens said...

This is the true story of artist, musician, actor, and

published author Richie Dunne (Summer at Seashell Harbor) who

grew up in the fifties back in Brooklyn, New York. Although

he is all of those things, first and foremost he is a

husband, a father and a grandfather. As a young man in his

early twenties, he was now with his even younger wife raising

five children out on Long Island. As these five kids started

getting older and meeting some new "cool" friends, they began

listening to and really loving the rock band, The Grateful

For more details to click here!

14/2/07 14:00  

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