Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Unconscious Mutterings #185 On 8/27/06"

  1. Cruel :: whirl, the passion of wide

  2. Jive :: angels, the litany of lace, your

  3. Weak :: heart stalling into

  4. Understand :: ing. Take apart now. Steer the

  5. Bum :: wheel through the Stations of the Cross.

  6. Stairs :: across the summer widen -- the quick

  7. Tone :: of autumn (all that letting go) goes. Go

  8. Quickly :: to the mount, por el monte, crisp

  9. Moment :: of the season ending. There, bless the

  10. Beating :: of bees, hummingbird wings, hearts.

Check your own monitors in the office of La Luna Niña and diagnose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were up all night typing a paper that was written several months ago?

29/8/06 18:40  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Anonymous said...
You were up all night typing a paper that was written several months ago?

29/8/06 19:40
I'm not sure why this comment is here. But, yes. The paper was written out in long hand, about 10 pages. It's pretty heavy in the beginning, and I couldn't read it after I wrote it and delivered it. I was physically sick all through the conference because of it. It took me a long time to get up the emotional courage to type it up because of the references to my mother's murder. The Poetry Foundation blog was good motivation. If I'd know they weren't going to run it, I wouldn't have saved it for them. I thought it would be a good venue for promoting the writers I listed in the piece. I'm really disappointed that they refuse to run the other blog entries either. My post on how the best poets make the best publishers and the one on Neglectorinos. Since they're not going up on the site, I might as well try and sell them. I posted this one in a fit. And yes, I'm exhausted, I stayed up all night to type and tweak a paper I wrote several months ago, and delivered in Austin to comments of: When is it going to be published? I thought the Poetry Foundation website was the best place for it. You can't beat that distribution. Or power. And, therein...

29/8/06 19:38  

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