Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Unconscious Mutterings #183 On 8/16/06"

  1. Affair :: of the heart to the attack victim,

  2. Package :: of diastole and hope, the

  3. Warner :: Brothers of colored life dreaming into a

  4. Drop :: of blood. We overcome the wake, achieve the

  5. Balance :: of hooves, of wings, of lips. An entire

  6. Shore :: of possibility arrives n the mail. A grand

  7. Confirmation :: in the skip, the systaltic letting in,

  8. Nose :: to the quake of shoulder, living,

  9. Talking ::, singing under your breath. To arrive at the

  10. Bend :: of you, the creek where I side. Beside. At last.

* Stick your own landing at the Land's End of heartmind, try a subliminal bus stop at La Luna Niña.


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