Friday, August 04, 2006

I Left My Placenta In San Francisco

Now I'm going back.

We hope to get a tour of the Mission (my birthplace) from Guillermo Gomez Pena -- that should be fun, with or without the tequila. And, I'll be reading Sunday night, my birthday! Then I'll stay until my little brother's wedding on the 12th. I may or may not be off the blog. I'll be traveling with my family, and my little guy keeps my busy.

Don't forget. I'll be guest-blogging for the poetry foundation August 28.

Back soon. Poetry On!


Blogger RC said...

Happy early birthday wishes!

5/8/06 08:02  
Blogger gina said...

Happiest, Lorna! Sorry I'll miss you on my way through Boulder. I hope everything you wish for and hold dear is honored. Be well.


6/8/06 00:08  
Anonymous steve Saldivar said...

it was wonderful meeting you there.

11/8/06 02:19  
Blogger Diana Marie Delgado said...

Lorna, Happy B-day.

I send you a virtual bouquet of daffodils. You are, was, is, and still are my duende-homegirl.

12/8/06 14:50  

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