Friday, August 04, 2006

Some Fundraising Ideas For Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. & Others

  • Hold a live auction poetry reading with a really good, high-energy auctioneer selling arts and services inbetween readings.

  • Auction off galleys and copies of original manuscripts and works-in-progress.

  • Hold a month-long online auction for rare books, limited copies of original manuscripts and works-in-progress, signed.

  • Hold "Conversations Between" authors or other people, collect donations at the door or pass the magic hat; then, videotape and sell dvds. (Thanks to Michael for this idea.)

  • Have various people read and record the person's poems, then sell the cd and dvd of videotape. (Alfred Arteaga's idea.)

  • Hold a poor dinner for a rich cause. Prepare and serve beans, rice, vegetables, potatoes, mole', soup, etc., and invite your poor artists friends to share their talents.(I like to play spin the bottle read or share.) Others can donate $20 or more. Try to do it once a month.

  • Hate to say it, but owe it to Adrian and, unfortunately, it works: Sell beer.

  • Any other ideas? These are just a few.


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