Friday, August 04, 2006

Five By Five Meme On A Friday

Since I have a lot of shirts I've bought in Mexico that I never wear again and a lot of white tee-shirts I buy to support whatever but never wear since I mainly only wear black (in mourning since the first Bush years, then it just got easy to do laundry) I consider myself tagged by Lee Herrick, an excellent poet, editor and critic.
Rainbow Line
Five by Five Meme

Five things in my freezer:

1. Five packs of hot dog buns
2. Two packs Boca Original vegan burgers (3 years old)
3. Dozen and a half leftover bagels, sliced (from class at my house)
4. Frozen strawberries, organic and otherwise
5. My son's placenta

Five things in my closet:

1. Burgandy velvet Navajo dress I wore to the White House.
2. Blue, purple, teal woven Guatemalan belt.
3. Leftover NEA poetry apps I just can't bring myself to toss
4. Several velvet embroidered bags from Chiapas
5. A painting I bought in Mexico painted after some soap opera about tontos; it's good but creepy -- surreal and a bit pop Bosch

Five things in my car: I'm a lifetime non-driver, so 5 things in T's car

1. Dangling plastic calaca
2. Keychain pedometer from work
3. Ice squeegy
4. CDs I burned for him for the commute: "The Way There" and "The Way Back" (so far, it's about a 10-cd set)
5. Good vibes

Five books/magazines on my nightstand (or under):

1. The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan
2. Oprah
3. Indio Trails, raulrsalinas (galley)
4. Food and Wine
5. Bon Apetit


Since there should be 5 by 5 Things, here's five things on my desk:

1. Chunk of amethyst crystal
2. Lightbulb (75 watt)
3. Roll of cellophane tape
4. Black Hawk "Chief of the Broadleafs" Indian head cigar box full of note paper
5. Maroon plastic 2-file holder desk tray holding mostly masses of colored sticky notes, unsorted, messages ranging from everything from scores on Bookworm ("master archivist") to Memphis Minnie Notes to very important phone numbers (yours?) to current postage rates.

Rainbow Line

Now, do you.


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