Thursday, July 27, 2006

MeMe Meme - 13 More Things On A Thursday. . .

... about me that are weird. I've got a million of 'em:

Rainbow Line

  1. I can't stand typos in a newspaper. It makes me want to go down to the offices and volunteer proofread.

  2. I absolutely have to have a newspaper in the morning. And online won't do. I think I was once tortured in jail when I was serving 10 days in Sybil Brand for a non-violent protest -- they refused to give me my morning paper, me out of all the inmates. And, I was denied pencil and paper. I'm sure they knew and did it deliberately. Sort of kidding, but it was torture.

  3. I used to play the banjo. (Not that that's weird, mind you. Just that I might be the only gang girl to be saved by a banjo.)

  4. I love instruments that most people think are weird: banjo, autoharp, ukelele, penny whistle, accordian. (My ex played all but the accordian. Me, too, though not very well.) I even like yodeling.

  5. I wonder if we can dissipate hurricanes with our mind's intent.

  6. I feel guilty over the last hurricanes because I didn't organize a festival to give Love and Thanks to Water.

  7. I always plan on going places I don't.

  8. I wear bronze-colored bowling shoes. I would like to own red wrestling shoes. Any offers?

  9. I'm insanely sane.

  10. I once moved to a place because it had the highest number of publications per capita than anywhere else in the nation.

  11. I once moved out of a place because it had the highest number of murders per capita than anywhere else in the nation. (same place)

  12. I can do voices. I pick up people's accents, especially if I like them. I could do all the characters' voices in my son's nightly children's books. I can mimic TV character lines and commercials. (Not movies. Who wants to mess with a good movie?) It always gets a laugh from T. I don't worry about retirement (do writers retire? I think they just die) as I plan on moving to Hollywood and making an easy living doing voice for animation. (But, like poetry writing, I can't do it if I'm thinking about it, so don't ask.)

  13. I always peek into people's houses when I'm walking by. And I listen to people's conversations around me. (Hey, it's all material, eh?) I *can't stand* to have any door or window open or in any way "peekable" and the best way to have a conversation with me is at home or on a walk or hike -- as I can't stand the thought of someone listening in on me.

Now, do you. Like any writer, I'm nosey.


Blogger Jessica Smith said...

4. How do you feel about the hammered dulcimer? I have a fondness for it. That's a really weird instrument, too.

13. Eavesdropping is an art. There's no shame in gathering material. Plus, public conversations are often performative, so it would be rude *not* to pay attention :)

I chose my college (SUNY Buffalo) based on how many acres of land per student. It had more than Boston University. I like cities but I think I saw a total of 1 tree on BU campus (I remember that tree in great detail), where much of Buffalo's campus is reserved for wildlife.

27/7/06 14:03  

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