Monday, July 24, 2006

Precita Eyes Mural Tour with Ami

Precita Eyes Muralists - Ami's fotos

I found these fotos of my father's and Susan Kelk Cervantes's mural group, Precita Eyes mural tour. Very cool -- to see these pieces of home; especially now that he's left.

I look forward to seeing folks soon on a living journey, next week in the good ole' Bay Area. I'll be there, tempted by tacos de lengua. I hope to see you there, where there's all always good poetry and the sun shines in the hearts of the Mission.

I'm hoping to be in Santa Cruz, crashing the MALCS conference on the 2 - 6th.

Aug. 6, 7:30 pm at the Intersection in San Francisco, I'll be reading with an early influence, poet, Maurice Kenny and (hopefully) Wendy Rose. This reading is in conjunction with the Native American Cultural Center.

Then, my little brother, Luz de Verano is getting married on the 12th.

So, you can schedule a mural walk of your own, maybe catch me at the Mural Arts Center (good place to stock up on supplies and buy early holiday gifts) or on a walk through The Mission with famed "genius grant" award winning performance artist ("event poet" in my book), Guillermo Gomez Peña. Details at Jean Vengua's OKIR.

Or, good time to invite me for a reading or signing. I'm considering Santa Barbara, my native soil, on the 19th -- and considering a month-long train pass.

These are really nice pics of the murals, with good detail panels and comments. Buen provecho!


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