Monday, August 14, 2006

They Lost My Books In Denver

... and they're still lost. 22 hardback copies of DRIVE I was intending to schlep and sell to help pay for the trip -- as I wasn't getting paid for the reading with Maurice Kenny. But I had the most incredible time. A lovely re-entering into the spiral on this 30-year anniversary of MANGO Publications. I reconnected with such dear friends: Maurice, Naomi Quiñonez, Alfred Arteaga. Alfred tapped my shoulder in the United baggage claim line at SF airport about 11 pm, and said: "You probably don't remember me." Always a joker. At least he didn't say what he said to Naomi: "You expected me to be dead, huh?" It was incredible to run into him that way (United lost his daughter's bag, too) and he was able to go to the reading with Maurice at Intersection, and later, we went to the Chicano Expressions show at the DeYoung. I had already gone with Susan & family, and it was great to go through it again with Alfred. I'm planning on reviewing the show or writing something extended on it. More on all that soon. I was expecting to sell my books, but I didn't even have one to show or give out to my family at the wedding, or take along to bookstores. I gave my reading copy to Maurice -- how could I not? The reading was exceptional. Maurice was great, and most important, as good as I remember. Jewell, too, was exceptional. I really enjoy reading with her. And when I asked my son what he thought of the poetry he said that she was his favorite: "That 'Rabbit Fence Run' lady was really good." I also really enjoyed the younger native poets. But, yes, more soon. I just came home broke and to a nice little royalty check from Pitt. YEAH! I gotta go to the bank now. The book is in the mail. . .


Blogger Eduardo C. Corral said...

It's great to see pics of Alfred Arteaga. It does my heart good to see him smiling.

Naomi Quiñonez was one of my teachers when I was an undergrad at Arizona State. She's wonderful.

14/8/06 19:19  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Enit? Alfred just plain does my heart good. It was truly good to see him in good form and shape. Same sweet guy with that edge. Hilarious and wry. I realize I've always liked him for his keen sense of irony. Isn't that just another word for olin? Alfred's great. Great example of the argument that Xicana/os were one of the first postmodernists (via abstract expressionism in The War (WWII.) Alfred's just plain good. Nothing would be better than if he became a modern miracle. (everyone: donate to the experimental treatments which seem to be doing his true heart good.)

Naomi was at Arizona State? Good for you. Naomi, as Alfred says, is "good people." She's one of my best friends, along with Francisco Alarcon. We may have some interesting projects together coming up. (A Chicana/o literature retrospective!)

Funny, the twists in the spiral, yes, but wonderful, the weave.

Pics of me & Naomi at the wedding to come.

15/8/06 12:55  

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