Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lorna Dee Cervantes - Poetry Foundation Guest Blogger Next Week!

Hey, I'm still in a daze from my Bay Area injection, that infusion of cultura and sense, synchronisms and syncretisms. Yes. There's no place like home. There's no one like home. And home is where the heart is -- make it a good one.

So, I've been off the blog, getting started and wrapping up. Classes start next tuesday. I've been preapring for my stint as guest blogger for the Poetry Foundation. I'm looking forward to it. I start Monday morning so look for me there or at I'd been hoping to update my links and fix my template before then -- in case anyone has any ideas as to how to do that. I deleted some things I thought weren't important and moved things around. I noticed at the hotel that it looked lame on a Dell; my sidebar was no longer that. But, time, well, time.

Here's the working titles for the week:

8/28 - "The Writer Who Never Writes; Or, When Good Things Come In the Mail (Why I Blog)"

8/29 - Essay on Xicanerati & Chicanao writers that I presented at the last AWP, title not in front of me right now -- if it's okay with PF.O (It's the anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium)

8/30 - "Poetry and the Rise of the Creative Class"

8/31 - "The Best Poets Make the Best Publishers"

9/1 - "On Neglect, Knowledge, and the Neglectorinos"

9/2 - "Fencing Flarf, Foetry and The New Sincerity; Or, All's Clear On the Poetry Front"

9/3 - "To Voice or Not to Voice -- That Is the Answer; Or, On Thinking Stuff Over On My Birthday"

Mas o menos. Hey, check back, you might come up in a blog. . . Or, any ideas?


Anonymous Nezua Limón Xolagrafik-Jonez said...

"The New Sincerity." That sounds interesting.

23/8/06 21:21  
Blogger csperez said...

can't wait! the topics sound like they are fertile enough for at least a little controversy

24/8/06 17:25  
Blogger Peter said...

Sounds like a great line-up . .. I'll be dropping by!

26/8/06 08:29  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Looking forward to reading your entries.

28/8/06 06:15  

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