Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some Pics: Wedding, Beach & Good Friends in San Francisco

Love well, where ever you are!

After the Ceremony in Precita Park

After the wedding ceremony at Precita Park, August 12, 2006 -- my son, muralist, Susan Kelk Cervantes: mother of the groom, Luz de Verano Cervantes with his daughter, Sequoia, and Shellie

Henry Sultan & Family, Janet & Cielo

Painter, Henry Sultan & family, w/ my nephew, Cielo Cervantes in front of mom, Janet & Bill

Luz & Shellie Cervantes w/ moms

Luz & Shellie with mothers, Luz's daughter, Sequoia and my son on the sides

Wedding Ceremony at Precita Park

Wedding ceremony presided over by Jorge Molina in Precita Park, August 12, 2006

Luz & Shellie @ City Hall

Brother, Luz de Verano & Shellie getting the state invloved in their personal lives

A Wild Lorna Dee @ Ocean Beach

A wild-looking Lorna Dee on Ocean Beach, a favorite haunt of my father's

T on Ocean Beach

T on Ocean Beach

Susan Cervantes & J Cervantes

My son & Susan Kelk Cervantes at the Cervantes statue near the DeYoung museum, a favorite stop of my father, artist, Luis Cervantes

Lorna Dee Cervantes & son @ the Cervantes statue

Me & my big little guy at the Cervantes statue just outside the DeYoung in Golden Gate Park

Lorna Dee Cervantes - Pic of Me & My Good-Looking Familia

Luz, Marina Gonzalez, her father, my cousin, Geronimo, & my uncle Frank, a former printer from Santa Barbara

Lorna Dee Cervantes & brother, Steve Cervantes

Me in a wide-cut poufy dress with brother, musician, Steve Cervantes who had to work through the reception

Luz & Shellie Dancing at their Wedding, 8/12/06

Naomi Quiñonez, Lorna Dee Cervantes & T @ Luz's wedding

Chicana poet, historian, litcrit, Naomi Quiñonez, Lorna Dee Cervantes & T at Luz de Verano Cervantes's wedding to Shellie, August 12, 2006

Naomi Quinonez, Lorna Dee Cervantes &T 8/12/06

Alfred Arteaga, Francisco Alarcon 3/05

Two of my favorite people in the world: Chicano poets & popular profes, Alfred Arteaga and Francisco Alarcon - from Alfred's website - click on the "Donate Now" link to donate to Alfred's lifesaving heart treatments.


Anonymous The Unapologetic Mexican said...

That made me happy to look at.

16/8/06 16:55  
Blogger Marina Rosa Gonzalez said...

I'm so excited that you have a blog! I can't wait to read it. You're fast. I have yet to post my pictures on my blog ( ). You should check it out, although I haven't updated it in months. Anyway, I have a really nice photo that I want to send you. Cuidate, Marina

17/8/06 10:46  
Blogger Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Wonderful picutres. I appreciate your posting them.

18/8/06 20:55  
Blogger Peter said...

Great pics. I love the Cervantes statue.

19/8/06 12:40  
Blogger Michael Parker said...

There are great pics in here of the beach and the Cervantes statue and the beatiful grounds where the wedding occurred. Nice of you to share your family pics with us.

20/8/06 10:17  
Anonymous Michael Tsongas said...

Wonderful pictures of Luz and Shellies wedding! Thanks for posting them.


6/10/07 17:35  
Blogger Rachel Dawn Kornfield said...

Hi Lorna! This is unusual, but I'm wondering if it would be ok for me to use the picture of "T Looking at Beach" for my organization's blog: We're about to post a blog piece called "Waters of the Unknown" about the things we believe beyond what we can concretely know, and this picture captured the idea I wanted, of deep meditation while staring out at the ocean. If you'd rather we didn't use it, just say so! If possible, it would be helpful for me if I could get a response by Monday, 3/23/15. Thanks so much!


18/3/15 07:46  
Blogger JESSICA ROLLINS said...


10/10/17 01:45  
Blogger Wenni Donna said...

Superb sea side wedding pictures! Hunting some glamorous San Francisco venues for my daughter's fifth birthday next month. Saw many of them online and confused to finalize one. Will book the quality food providers suggested by my best friend. Thinking for a theme to make the get together interesting for kids.

14/10/17 03:12  

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