Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lorna Dee Cervantes - Poetry Foundation Blog Unplugged

Lorna Dee's unplugged first blog for the Poetry Foundation can be found here - for as ever long as it's up, the permalink is zapped as is all mention of my name:

August 28, 2006 - "On The Writer Who Never Writes; Or, When Good Things Come In the Mail (Why I Blog)" (Includes new poem, "Shelling the Pecans," which can also be found at Didi's Café Café, where the cool poets congregate. I'll be posting this page as soon as it, too, diss-appears.

August 29, 2006 - "Towards the Mater of Chicana/o Poetry - Towards What Matters" (Delivered at the AWP conference, Austin, March, 2006)

August 30 - "Poetry and the Rise of the Creative Class" (on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, for New Orleans, and for you)

August 31 - "The Best Poets Make the Best Publishers"

September 1 - "On Neglect, Knowledge, and the Neglectorinos" (which becomes all the more relevant in context)

September 2 - "Fencing Flarf, Foetry and The New Sincerity; Or, All's Clear On the Poetry Front"

September 3 - "To Voice or Not to Voice -- That Is the Answer; Or, On Thinking Stuff Over On My Birthday"

I'll fill in the links as I post. Guess I'm not working under their deadline anymore. I wish I were. I have decided to circulate the essay on Xicanerati as I guess they don't own the copyright. I was hoping to place it somewhere, then, when first approached by the Poetry Foundation for a week's worth of blogs for the end of July, I decided to *give* it to them. Please, if you like this piece: "Towards the Mater of Chicana/o Poetry - Towards What Matters", then go ahead and copy it, repost it on your blogs and sites, republish it -- with proper credit, of course, as I retain copyright. Please credit this blog and include url. It breaks my heart that this did not receive the exposure I had hoped, and the names of these writers were left outside the gate. I find the actions of the Poetry Foundation rude, at best, and an unconscionable exploitation and disrespect of writers. Just because they had an email glitch, I should not have to abandon the rest of my blogging, nor should they cut off the comments on my first post for them and erase all mention of me from the site. This behavior begs lots of questions. Ni modo. Time to Greeze. Take this essay and shove it -- on your site. Gracias and grace. - Lorna Dee Cervantes


Anonymous Nezua Limón Xolagrafik-Jonez said...

I, too, am a writer who never writes. My family must think I hate them half the time. Or am lost in my own worlds. I think they understand, mostly.

The pecan shelling poem is sensual, sensuous. the last line stung nicely.

30/8/06 18:43  
Blogger Peter said...

How bizarre Lorna. What happened?

30/8/06 20:39  
Blogger Peter said...

Sorry, Lorna. I looked further on and found the link about it. What a mess!

31/8/06 07:15  

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