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'Rejoicing After Wilma the Worst!!!' 'Paying It Forward On the Riviera Maya'

This was posted to the comments but I thought it worthwhile to post in its entirety here. This is from Brenda & Jorge Álvaro at Ajua's Restaurant in Playa del Carmen. (I love the part about the "Wild" Maya workers swimming to get to work.) Do come to visit Isla and spend a few days in Playa (the little beach that would) & Tulum (the tiny hub that could). And try Ajúa's: They serve CHAYA Maya! ¡Ajúa! ~ LDC

Paradise Dreamer said...

Rejoicing after Wilma the Worst!!!

Playa Lovers!

Well, the 48 hour wrath of Wilma could not dampen our Mayan spirit here in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. We are rejoicing and ready to share our incredible paradise with you and your friends -- as we always have.

Ajua Maya, our restaurant, came through like a good luck charm and our Wild Fresh Mayans as well. If anything, they are more joyous than ever before after experiencing the rain and wind and rain and wind and rain and wind and rain and wind -- a true Mayan cleansing!!

Playa del Carmen Mayan Cleansing and Rebirth

Jorge, Alejandro, our entire Mayan staff and myself are so grateful for having the pleasure to share one of Mother Nature's great cleansing and to feel the spiritual energy of the rebirth.

What a gift from the universe -- the beaches are wider and more beautiful; the cenotes and caves are cleansed; the sea is as beautiful as ever; the water supply has been replenished; the trees pruned and ready for a lush new presence; birds are chirping; the fish are running; and life is refreshing -- a true gift for all.

We are rejoicing and will wish to share this with all of you -- so come to Playa as soon as you can, join the jubilance, and marvel in the awesome rejuvenating power of nature and its universe.


The Wonderful Truth -- Hotels and More –

go to – the official Riviera Maya website for the promotion of the Riviera Maya.

The Riviera Maya (south of Cancun to Tulum) is up and running and ready for tourists. Flights schedules are resuming normalcy today. Yesterday we received tourists from Holland and Miami!

Most hotels are up and running now, including those on the beachfront. We know this as a fact since our own Public Relations Director has gone and visited each and every one, talking with concierges and the reception staffs for the "real scoop".

The smaller ones never really closed; the larger all inclusives as well. Some of the all inclusive and large hotels will be opening at 30-50% capacity for the next couple of weeks -- and guess what -- for this time of year that is their occupancy rate!

By Thanksgiving, most will be open at 100% and you can guarantee by Christmas all will be.

Blue Parrot had a celebration just a couple of days ago and is back on its party track once again -- and their rooms are up and running as well.

Same for the restaurants and bars -- Ajua opened Sunday night and was the first to open in town just as Wilma meandered on out of our area; most others 1-2 days afterwards. Of course it was difficult for a couple of days and those days have past.

Electricity, water, DSL service -- we have it all -- and remember that Ajua is a FREE wireless hotspot for all you diehard workers out their.

HERE IS A GREAT STORY ABOUT AJUA MAYA's WILD FRESH MAYANS and their dedication and commitment to you and to all of us. Most of our waiters and our manager live in Cancun and the highway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen was impassable for several days due to flooding. Each one of them waded and swam through water up to their necks for about a mile or more to get to the other side. They then waited on the highway until they could get a ride to Playa and, once they arrived, worked to clean up and reopen Ajua!

We are all eternally grateful for their spirit, their love and compassion, and their positive energy to see us and our staff through a most difficult couple of days to the rebirth on the other side.

On November 1st through the 2nd, we will celebrate the Mayan and Aztec festival -- the Day of the Dead -- a festival to remember your ancestors and to party with them in this life. We will do the same with life, energy, gratefulness and of course Tequila, Tamales, Day of the Dead bread, flowers and stories of those who have gone through this path before us.

We hope you will share this day and these experiences with us through your thoughts and your prayers.

Brenda Alfaro -- loving every moment of the journey.

Government Unity and Cooperation

-- rarely a phrase you actually see these days. If there is one story to actually tell it is the incredible work and cooperation we experienced with the local, state and federal government here in Mexico -- and the federal government is a political arch rival of the local and state governments here -- and all worked well.

They federal government had relief and repair workers staged and ready to enter the moment Wilma finalllllllly left. Within 24 hours electricity and water were restored to the center part of Playa del Carmen. Food and water came in and was distributed 3-4 times a day in the local neighborhoods in town. Free lamina to replace roofs was provided by the local governments to all who came -- and many did.

Within 48 hours the cleanup commenced of all the weak and rotten tree limbs and plants, buildings, palapas, and structures that flew around and that work has just about finished in all neighborhoods.

We, as a people here, heard no apologies by government officials nor the blame game -- since they all worked together in an organized, efficient, and cooperative team.

Sam's Club opened it doors to everyone - member or not. Prices stayed the same. Gasoline was available during the storm and was replenished within 24 hours of Wilma's departure.

The tourists were taken care of by their hotels with safe accommodations and hot food. The ones that suffered the most were those who never left those hotels after Wilma's departure and, of course, those in Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel where Wilma hit with all her fury for 48 hours. Those who ventured out found a town up and running with wonderful people ready to serve and share life with them again.

What can you do to help?

The most important is to please go on the chat rooms and message boards and relay this message to them.

Forward this email to all you know -- get the real news out.


Brenda and Jorge Alfaro
Ajua Maya Restaurant and Ajua Weddings

"Paying if Forward on the Riviera Maya"


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