Thursday, November 03, 2005

MOOOooor Lorna Dee's Red Meat Comics & Build Your Own Darned Comic Strip

Is it weird to make yourself laugh? These crack me up. I can't help it. I don't know what these guys look like until I've written the text & title. My 11 year old likes MOOOOooore On the MOOOooor, made him laugh a lot & made me feel good. He can get it without knowing Sir Thomas. Cool. MOOOOoouuuy cool. Cheers me up. Cheers. (& make your own darned comic care of Max Cannon.)

  • Sorrowful Beeches 10/10/05

  • MOOOOooore On the MOOOooor 10/11/05

  • Pooches and Peaches Retreat 11/2/05

  • Puppy Does Day of the Dead 11/3/05

  • Build Your Own Meat

  • Red Meat Construction Kit

  • *Thanks, Emily at Poesy Galore, for the link.


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