Saturday, November 05, 2005

Going to Cancun? ISLA MUJERES IS OPEN! And Like No Place Else On Earth - New Pics of Isla Relief - Send $$ Now - Help Wilma Survivors

And, take a vacation. New photos of Isla Relief are posted here at by Chris Lane, web-master of Click this link to see your direct relief at work. And, if you can't come soon and often, then send the price of your ticket by going to and send any amount at all to rebecca@artandphilanthropy. I know these women and know they work directly with the local & indigenous population, and know they are well respected on the island. 100% of your money goes directly to direct relief goods. Please help.

Isla Mujeres and the entire Yucatan peninsula will show the world the TRUE FACE OF MEXICO.

Scroll down for links to IM message boards and websites where you can get up-to-date information on how you can plan your vacations now. And, please exercise patience - the recovery has been nothing short of phenomenal, but resources are stretched and infrastructure still heavily damaged throughout the Yucatan, Cancun in particular upon which Isla Mujeres depends. Please visit this season. Hotels, shops, and restaurants are open; the beach is remarkable. The natives, friendly as always. Just come on down. Now. Or, less hardy, after December 1st. But the more visitors the island receives now the better. Come take Thanksgiving with an original gifting culture. Discover America today.

* UPDATE: Good links and the most fantastic maps of the entire region can be found here at Laura the MapChick & her husband's site, Can-Do Maps at (click link to go directly to hurricane info & links site. Thanks, Can-Do Maps!


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