Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good News From My Publisher Regarding DRIVE: The First Quartet

. . . yesterday -- But, the secret of my happiness (and I'm a very happy person despite numerous tragedies) has always been that I forget most good news until it actually happens. That said, I just have to say that Bryce called twice, saying that DRIVE had made it past the second editorial committee of the NY Times for a review in December; and, that Poets & Writers has commissioned a 2,500 word profile with a deadline of Dec. 2, which means, the two might come out at the same time -- and, I may even be P&W's cover girl in December! (The book comes out, officially, Jan. 1, 2006. But you can order a signed, personalized copy to be delivered TODAY with all shipping & handling paid, for a mere $25! Drive is five separate books in one handsome hard-bound first edition of 320 pages & you can get an early copy just for being LD's Blog Buddy and taking advantage of this generous pre-season offer. Go to this link to an earlier post for more info or click on my Amazon pay button at the bottom of the sidebar for a quick & secure pay page. You can also try going to and sending payment to me at from there. Please send me an email with name for personalized inscription & mailing info. Also, if you wish, include a note and say "I'M BUYING THIS BOOK FOR ISLA" and I will send your $25 dollars to Isla for Direct Isla Relief minus shipping & handling unless you send an extra $5 to cover it.) YEA! Release date: 12:01 a.m., January 1, 2006. YEA! Party at LD's house New Year's!!! Now, back to the novel.


Blogger Peter said...

Lorna: Rock on! Hope you get the review/feature. I can hardly wait to see the book.

6/11/05 09:59  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Hey Peter, Send me your address and I'll have the publisher send you a review copy. Or, if anyone else would like a review copy -- who does reviews of course, unless I know you. What I'm selling on the blog & for Isla donations are my own author copies. Which means, order directly from me, and you support the author directly.

6/11/05 14:44  

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