Monday, November 07, 2005

Ain't It The Truth! Ana On Ana & Ashbery Just For the Halibut

Ana Castillo's talking to herself again, and you can listen in:

"Me: Yeah, well, the “they” on this book tour [to New Orleans, Houston, Miami, etc.] included me so, it’s what we planned, which is what you have to do with small presses, work together to get the word out. As hard as it may be to believe--there’s no publicity team manning the epic poetry ship. The life of a famous Chicana writer ain’t as glamorous as people may imagine. Maybe the Chiclit first time novelists got a Sex and the City vibe going with their publishers on their tours but on the Emma Goldman circuit it’s economy class and racial profiling all the way. Pack your meds, let airport security know about the heart monitor, remember your drug store reading glasses and you’re pretty much all set." [click text to read more]

And, this comforting thought from John Ashbery via Deborah at 32 Poems: " the first part of the article is about how Ashbery gets started with writing. "Getting started" takes most of the day. He allows interruptions such as phone calls -- and they can become part of the poem -- and he procrastinates until it's 4 or 5 pm and he realizes he has yet to start writing." [click this link, too]

Jeez, just think, somewhere in the world some Xicanerati with some "Sex and the City vibe going" is up & working at 5 am. Hope it's you.

HA! (what time is it?) (yesterday, instead of work on the novel, I -- get this -- baked spelt BREAD!! And made pizza & cinnamon rolls. What we won't do!) I'm sorry I'm missing taking down Ofelia's altar right now. Mea mala. Now, gotta get back to my "Butterfly". She's about to hear the newspapers land, one by one, on her benefactor's doorstep.


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