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Molly Fisher

10/25/2005 5:13:51 PM


Hi.. This is Molly writing. Becky just got here to Mexico. There are many people in Merida getting ready to head back to the island. They can fill up on medical supplies ect.. to bring back. Send money!!!! We are using it to buy immediate need items such as meds.... I am in touch with Greta who ran the Red Cross for 10 years as to what meds etc... HELP these people!

Big donations are needed for generators. They are about $500-$600. We will be sure to get pics for you of where and whom they go to. Also- if you have a special family in mind we will get it to them directly.

To donate do to pay pal and donate to

Due to the fact that we can not communicate with Isla... it is hard to designate this person. After many years of doing community service work there I have people in mind that can do the job. As soon as we can get in touch with them or arrive there ourselves, we can declare this person. It will obviously be a full time trust worthy resident of the community. We are also working on long term repair projects and how to get that all coordinated for people that want to come down and help. When I am able to arrive I plan on being there for a least a month and am more than happy to work in this effort. This way we can have a list of certain projects going on and the supplies/volunteers needed.

I am reposting the donation info below for those who want to help. The strings are getting too long, I was afraid the message would get lost.
We are collecting funds for the islanders to provide food, medicine, flashlights and temporary shelter. Molly will be leaving for the island as soon as we are able to enter. But as soon as we get the OK, we're going down to help.
As you all have seen from the news clips, the damage is immense to say the least. They are going to need so much help. So we are asking you to donate. Any amount is fine. Anything you can give. Even if its $20, that will buy 8 “dispensas” rations. That covers a family of 4 for a week. Rice, beans, cornflour, the basics. We need supplies too, clothes, medical supplies etc. We are working on transportation logistics, so for now if you can give money, please do. Molly and I were planning the next week to open our Art and Philanthropy gallery in Punta Mita, but this is to big to ignore. So we're putting it on hold and going to help. We have the time and drive to do this, as we both lived there for over four years. Most of you cant leave to help. But you can help by donating, so please do.

This is a message from Molly:
Rebecca and I are working on coordinating relief efforts for the islanders. Unfortunately, with little communication, this is a hard task. So I have contacted disater relief people- experts- on how to prepare myself and what supplies will be needed. The main things are obvious, food, water, clothing, antibiotics and TARPS! Tarps and more tarps for shelter, protection and shade. Currently we don't know how Mexico is going to work with customs and allowing supplies in. In my experience heading spay and neuter clinics, customs can be really tough to work with. So the most immediate way you can help is through monetary donation. With donations we can purchase the materials needed in Mexico for the relief work. I am working on the collection of supplies and transportation for them. We have contacted a transportation company here inthe US who has worked with past crisis situations resulting from hurricanes. It looks like they can help get supplies brought to the island. But we don't know when. As soon as I know when I can get there safely I will be going along with my husband. My husband lived there for 10 years before we moved. There are many many friends and family from his hometown, as well as our old neighbors and community members. As we know more we will post.

Late last night I realized a lot of you don't know who Molly and I are, and sometimes people are skeptical of donating to strangers. So Im making a little resume, so those interested can read through. If your not interested...I don't blame you!!

Molly Fisher Mendez moved to Isla Mujeres in 1999. She was the co-owner of Cosmic Cosas Bookstore on Avenida Matamoros. She lived on the island for over four years, co-founding Amigo de los Animales, heading bi-annual spay and neuter programs, creating and implementing programs for the Red Cross Kids Club. In 2003,she married her husband, Eduardo, and moved to Puerto Vallarta area to teach. Currently she has co-founded Casa Comunidad, a community center for children and families in the Punta Mita Region.

I, Rebecca Peragine moved to Isla in 2000 with my brother Chris (myisla webmaster). Together we opened Aluxes Coffee House. Chris, Molly and I worked together on tons of fundraising projects, participated in pachanga events, headed island clean-up projects, etc. I married my husband Gianluca, former owner of Al Forno pizzeria (now Paco's Pizza)had a son, Giovanni and moved back to the US.
Through the years on isla, one way we raised funds was by having art expositions out of my coffee house. We found artists, displayed their work and gave proceeds to needed causes. Since then, we decided to take that concept and turn it into a business. So Art and Philanthropy was born. Currently, our gallery in Punta Mita, Mexico was supposed to be opening in the next few weeks. I was planning on flying down Tuesday to do the finishing work. But since Art and Philanthropy was born in Isla Mujeres, and the concept of the business is essentially to help people in need, we couldn't ignore the problem. So we are postponing our gallery opening to go help.

If you chose not to donate with us, you can also contact the IM Red Cross. Contact information was posted yesterday, but I couldn't find it in the mountain of messages.

Thanks everyone. Chris is going to be amazed to see how everyone pulled together to help. And very touched to see that his site made it happen!



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