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I just saw the live report from Televisa of the destruction on Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, and cancun. I am overwhelmed, to put it mildly. Watching the live helicopter fly-by of Cancun and Isla -- I just can't say. I sounded like an wounded animal watching video of Calle Guerrero in front of the Clinic devastated, like a new beach, and some one digging out a collapsed home, all the shops near the corner where the old Tequila Sol was looking all grey with muck, empty and shattered. Mind-boggling. Hearing the announcer describe "islands within an island" -- and seeing it! It looked like where the big Palapa & beach behind Avalon was is now underwater, making Avalon one of the islands (which it is anyway), I didn't see the dock leading up to it) and water up to Nautibeach. Salina area still inundated. Mar Caribe road in tact, perhaps my land as well. Punta Sur (South Point) looked weird, helicopter video entered from there, it looked scraped bare like in the old photos of it, I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first. I didn't see the Temple or the new structures or the statues, I did see the big tower, which let me know what I was looking at -- it looked like a big junk of the tip fell off, maybe where the arch was, it was hard to tell as the chopper was moving fast at that point. I did notice traffic on the road and some houses along the cliff remain, the old house with the arches, maybe Casa del Sol, Maybe Casa de Bomberos -- it was hard to tell, I couldn't see the palapa -- also, the camera cut away during that part. It looks like some destruction north of the water plant on the ocean side of the road, the new construction -- but I don't know how much of that was Emily damage. Playa Norte devastated. For now. The people are working together and digging out, but i can't tell you how sick with worry i am right, and I'm still numb! In shock. The announcer said 50% of Isla was still underwater, colonias I saw, Metrologico, and around the salinas, under 3 feet still.

Please, help if you can. I know there are so many places and people suffering right now, but people do what they think they gotta do. Right now, I'm very concerned about some very dear friends who happen to be very poor and may still be on the island. As soon as I post this & I'll be sending $200 more and asking at the university, my department, for donations, 100% of which will be going directly to aid, and they will be helping me help my Mexican friends, and Isla's poet, Rafael Burgos Rios.
This just posted by Molly Fisher of kevin's Isla mujeres Message Board at Cancun travel Online -- which is where the photos of Cancun come from. Good Up-to-Date information from where he is helping to coordinate reports and aid in Cancun.
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    Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:01 pm

    Isla Relief

    Our idea is to start a program (well, we already kinda have) to address long-term needs as well as immediate need. We would love to work together with any and all of you out there doing the same. At the time here is our plan.

    Address immediate Needs:
    We are asking people still in Merida to purchase the following to get to Isla.

    Immediate Needs as we know… (Things we are spending your money on now.)
    • Antibiotics
    • Anti-diarrhea medicine
    • Any general medical supplies
    • Food
    • Water
    • Fluids
    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Clothes
    • Shoes
    • Tarps
    • First Aid material
    • Duct tape
    • Rope
    • Candles
    • Batteries
    • Flash lights
    • Matches
    • Lighters
    • Cleaning supplies- all types
    • Disinfectants
    • Gloves
    • Soap, shampoo, etc…
    • Towels, toilet paper etc…
    • Dog and Cat food
    • Animal supplies
    • Garbage bags
    • Generators (if we get specific donations)

    Molly is coordinating supplies in Vallarta to be brought. To date she has approximately $3000 of supplies to take with her. She will go as soon as it is safe for her to travel with supplies to Isla.

    Coordinate and inform volunteers going to Isla:

    Volunteer List

    Depending on when you come… you may need the following…
    • A TON of power bars or something similar as you will be working long behind days and not eat.
    • Get your shots if you do not have them. Hep A and hep B, tetanus. (ask your Doctor)
    • BOOTS, Comfy boots.
    • Some type of rubber boots also for walking in water.
    • Diarrhea meds for you. Lots of Pepto-Bismol.
    • Tarps
    • POWDER Gatorade (easy to mix up there and great for dehydration)
    • First aid kit for YOU. Meds for YOU.
    • Masks and that Vicks vapor rub to put in it for the smell.

    Long Term Plan:

    For the long haul we will be looking for people on Isla to fill the following roles. Some roles may be filled by the same person.

    General Coordinator(s) 1-2
    Molly is happy to do this/and or help with this for the time she is there. Best bet is if she is working with 1 or 2 residents so that when she leaves they have it under control.

    1. Human Health- medical needs, supplies…
    • 1 person to assess needs
    • 1 person to coordinate volunteers

    2. Building- materials, supplies, workers
    • 1 person to assess needs
    • 1 person to coordinate volunteers

    3. Personal Needs- clothing, shoes, etc…
    • 1 person to assess needs
    • 1 person to coordinate volunteers

    4. Help to existing Associations (i.e. La Gloria English School etc…)
    • 1 person to assess needs
    • 1 person to coordinate volunteers

    5. Animal Needs
    • 1 person to assess needs
    • 1 person to coordinate volunteers
    I think that we have the above under control between Delfino, Alison and me. WE DO NEED VOLUNTEERS!

    We know there skeptics out there. We are keeping all receipts and tight books. We have a donations spreadsheet and expense spreadsheet. This will be available to the public upon request. If you choose your name to be anonymous, let us know and we will not post it.

    100% of these donations go directly to the island. It is 100% volunteer run and there are 0 administration costs. We plan on keeping it this way.

    About the animals…. I know that many of you know me as an animal person. I am also very involved with people as a teacher, volunteer for the Red Cross and Director of Casa Comunidad (new program here in Punta Mita). People come first.

    However, the animal situation directly affects the humans’ health. Starving animals mean dead and sick animals. Dead and sick animals (especially in these conditions) means a higher chance of disease spreading. Animals drinking bad water means disease for them and lots of diarrhea. Diarrhea in these conditions means lots of spread of disease to humans. Dead animals being left lying around? Again, a problem for humans.

    On top of all of this is the fact the Islenos actually love and care for their animals (most of them anyway). Can you imagine watching your pet sick and dying and you can’t do a thing about it?

    That being said- we assure you that humans come first, but animals do count too.

    FYI: I have talked with the HSUS Disaster Relief team. They not only have given me tons of advice and training but will also be coming in if needed. This advice and training is for both humans and animals.

    TO DONATE: paypal – Rebecca@artandphilanthropy.com

    Any questions, comments etc… contact mollyinmexico@yahoo.com or Rebecca@artandphilanthropy.com


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