Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Correspondence to Art And Philanthropy & Paypal Proof

From: lornadeecervantes@mac.com
Subject: Re: Donation update
Date: October 25, 2005 3:40:54 PM MDT
To: rebecca@mail.artandphilanthropy.com
Cc: @zonnet.nl, lornadeecervantes@mac.com, @swissmail.org, i@gmail.com, @aol.com, @comcast.net, @yahoo.com

Rebecca & Molly,

Can you use more paypal donations at this time? I can send much more & put out a call on my blog (there's already one) and the university for immediate cash donations.

Some aid thoughts: DIAPERS, formula & antiseptic baby wipes. Wipes & plastic bags of all kinds. Any & all medicines & aids to diabetics, mosquito nets, tents, portable screen houses, etc., all kinds of batteries, flashlights., etc. Camping equipment and food of all kinds (this is, when all the buildings are gone, the middle of the jungle). Rainsuits. Tortillas & masa. Flu & cold medicine. Baby pain & fever relief. Just off the top of my head. I'll try and make some phone calls to individuals on the island & the Red Cross in case lines go up.

I am desperately seeking information on the whereabouts, well-being and phone contact of RAFAEL BURGOS RIOS, wife Ana Rodriguez & family whose parents live on Guerrero #6 near the zocalo. The musician, javier, would know how to reach him. His sisters & brothers lived in the complex on Guerrero as well. I would like to help Javier and his father, as well. I would like to send money to the Burgos Rios family. As well, Angelica who sold her crafts on the beach, the caretakers at Casa Mimosa on Sac Bajo, The Rios brothers, cousins & amigos of Los Tres Amigos or "Amigos" who lived in the Colonia near the gran salina, Gustavo de Alba who ran a craft shop, La Iguana, across from the police station and who lived in the house on the cliff just outside of el centro, and Claudia, a nurse with many years of experience with the Red Cross & who was one of the co-founders of the Isla Mujeres Women's Cooperative, "The Bead Ladies."

My home phone number is XXXXXXXXX. They may call collect. Or anyone else with direct information.

Also, I own a small lot next to Vicki Dakini, in case you need someone to come down and help who owns property on the island. I'll be looking into donating it for a sister-organization to your efforts, the ChayaMaya Foundation dedicated to relief work and the cultural preservation of the island.

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! And, thanks so much for the update.

Lorna Dee Cervantes

On Oct 25, 2005, at 2:29 PM, Rebecca Lane wrote:

Hi to everyone who donated!

First, I want to say thanks to everyone for your generosity. Im very impressed with your need to help.
I just want to give you a quick heads up on our work. Jeff & Alison are in Merida. We gave them the list of immediate needs for the people on the island. They are currently on a shopping spree and will be returning as soon as it is safe to travel with supplies. Meanwhile, Molly and I are here in Puerto Vallarta making contacts, trying to figure out when we can get there, and what else is needed.

We are still waiting for the supply list from the Red Cross. If anyone can get your hands on this, please send them to me. We have a lot of people still in Merida who can buy supplies and bring them home.

So, thanks to all, your donations made this possible.

Rebecca Peragine
Owner, Art and Philanthropy

From: service@paypal.com
Subject: Receipt for your Payment
Date: October 24, 2005 3:09:35 AM MDT
To: lornadeecervantes@

Dear Lorna Cervantes,

Your payment for $100.00 USD to rebecca@artandphilanthropy.com has been sent.
Payment Details

Amount: $100.00 USD

Transaction ID: 54T995538J3556358

Subject: Donation for Isla

This is to confirm that I, Lorna Dee Cervantes, just sent $100 donation to rebecca@artandphilanthropy for direct aid to Isla care of Molly Fisher.

Keep up the great work. Don't hesitate to ask me for anything. I put up a notice on my blog at http://lornadice.blogspot.com about your efforts and calling for donations. Good luck. I'll try to send more soon. I would like to locate Rafael Burgos Rios & family at 6 Calle Guerrero next to family store across from Clinic near zocalo.

Again, thank you for your work. I would be willing to help organize a fundraiser.

Lorna Dee

P.S. My rescued Isla dog, Brucie, is the best; we love him very much. He's a white & brown Beagle/Spring Spaniel looking dog who was rescued off a roof last spring.

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