Friday, October 28, 2005

Message From Vic (local) Posted by Islalover Regarding Current NEED$$$ & Conditions on the Isla Mujeres

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Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 9:20 am    Post subject: Information from Vic on another message board

This was posted last night 10/27/05


If anyone in Isla finds my password please let me know!!!

Just a note to let you know everyone is OK. We are roughing it for a few more days but OK.

News from Isla are pretty much as you know already. Mexican army and Navy are distributing food and water to Isla since late Tue. night.
CFE (power company) is already there working on replacing the downed poles and lines. Little by little yet very fast things are getting better for our friends and family in Isla.

I had the chance to make a call to Cabanas Ma del Mar a few minutes ago
so their phone lines are up for that part of the island. Do not know the extension of the live lines because they were surprised the phone rang therefore they don't know if others have phone either but I'm sure it will start making lots of calls!!!! je je good for those guys.

Car Ferry as you know is already transporting people,supplies and fuel to the island.

DO NOT believe all that FOX NEWS &CNN are broadcasting. Most of it are based on assumptions and lack of on site knowledge. Very poor view of reality.

If you are coming to the island over the weekend and are bringing relief supplies think of feminine towels and tampons, baby food, gel alcohol, eye drops, for the babies bring some warm clothes because the temperature at night is dropping and it gets cold for those under 2 years old. I know building material is hard to bring so instead if you don't mind my asking, bring funds and use them at the local stores in Cancun to provide for those that lost their roofs and windows.

Food is being provided through the government (ARMY & NAVY) and by the Mexican people that have already collected HUNDREDS...really hundreds of tons of food and beverage. Then we also have the supplies sent by so many countries, yours.
Nobody will die of starvation or thirst.

Remember that many of our friends in Isla live of the ocean and those unfortunate that either lost or have suffered damage to their boats will need help to fix them or replace them.

To all that have reached out and touched us with your thoughts, prayers and material help, THANK YOU!

To honor your friendship and support we offer you our hard work to get back our land-YOUR ISLAND-back in record time.
That it'll take time...Not a Problem
That it will never be as it was before...nope, it'll be better

Lastly to that Wilma...

You got us wet, you knocked us down you stayed in our home longer than you had to and then took off with all we had....You bitch, you whore, you suck you don't ever come back again!!!!!



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