Friday, October 28, 2005

'Message From Donna (Ziggy y familia)' -- 'Don´t stop coming to the needs all of you...WE need you!!'

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Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 8:44 am    Post subject: Email from Donna and Ziggy on the island

this was sent to me by Gary and Ami in Austin:
We got this email this morning from Donna. Thank God the LONGHORNS is still there!

Love from Texas, Ami and Gary

Dear friends...

This is just a quick email to all of you that wrote to us for the moment to give you an update...Ziggy, the kids and I are all fine after the hurricane. The island, unfortunately is not so fine. The hurricane hit last Thursday night, and stayed on top of us for two days. It wasn´t until Saturday morning that we could even go out of our homes. We live in La Gloria, in a second story house, and all we had really was water that blew in under the doors and windows. The small homes and casas de cartons were completely destroyed. Electricity for the entire island was wiped out. The winds blew over even the concrete posts from the centro to the south end. The water is gone...since it is pumped in by generators electrically, it´s out as well. Food and drinking water are getting very scarce as well. The island officials are saying that it will probably be a month before electric and water service are restored. In the Centro, the downtown area, resturants, etc. ar e ok, but on the front street (in front of the ferrys) there is only one lane open for travel because there is new beach on the road in front...about 10 feet high of new beach! They are bringing in earth movers to dig out and find the road again. Sergio´s at Playa Sol is completely gone.....nothing left. Nauti Beach looked ok...alot of wind damage. Chi-Chi and Charlies...gone. Couldn´t even get over to Buho´s...I have heard the hotel is ok, but all palapas gone. The resturants are all closed downtown...ours, Chiles Loco´s was not damaged...Bamboo, Fayne´s Rolandi´s, Angelo´s, The Crepe Rest., Freddies, all ok. Everything is closed because there is no power or water. The ferry´s did ok...they all hid in the Lagoon...they started running on Monday I think. The Salina´s...both flooded...Salina Grande is still flooded. All the homes surrounding and close to both were flooded and destroyed.

The Navy has been helping with repairs...and delivering water to the neighborhoods. They are getting it from exhisting supplies that don´t have to be pumped...when that runs out, who knows. The Red Cross had some damage...but is ok, the hospital in the Centro, ok. There is a mandatory curfew in town and colonias of 6PM daily. Your choices are either stay home or go to jail. Things are probably going to start getting crazier since there is no water, food is getting low and people don´t have money.

As far as my family, the kids and I are going to my mom´s in Georgia on Saturday. We are planning to return on December 10th as long as there is electric and water again...later if necessary. Ziggy is still doing his bike trip to Monterrey on November 10th...he should be back to the island by December 11th. There is really no reason to jobs, etc....and he had prepared for this the entire year, so he is still going to do the trip....please pray for him!!

I will be at my mom´s in Georgia on Saturday if anyone would like to call....the number is
XXXXXXXXXX. Ziggy, Rebecca and I are in Merida since last night because we have to get her American Birth Certificate from the Consulate here before we can travel Saturday. We will return to the island today hopefully.

For some of my friends who live here...Chuck and David...your home looks fine, probably some water inside under the doors, etc...but it looks good. Ami and Gary...your apartment looks ok...the gate blew off, and probably some water under the doors, but the Longhorns are still there!! Jim and Carmita Morgan did major damage to their home...he is just still very sick. Vivian...your house looks good from the street. Sabina had alot of windows damaged at her new home on the south side and I think for the moment is staying at her apartments in the Centro.

Sorry this isn´t more personal, but I will have more internet time when I get home to Georgia Saturday to answer all the email individually. Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts. Don´t stop coming to the needs all of you...WE need you!!

Please take care, and stay in touch....Donna


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