Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina - Blog for Relief Day, Sept. 1. Join us!

Donate Now to America's Second Harvest, The Nation's Food Bank Network for direct relief. And scroll to next post for more links & info.
Bloggers, net heads, Techno Mensas, UNITE! HELP! Once I was able to be very helpful to people in Mexico isolated and buried in the "Acapulco" hurricane which devastated rural indigenous Oaxaca & tore out all roads by mudslides. Individuals with battery laptops were able to post messages I was able to intercept via google and news searches. I was able to connect Catholic diocese in various regions throughout the state to the main one in Oaxaca, passing information & donations to people in the area who were not able to reach each other otherwise via phone, car or airport. Search blogs, lists, etc., for emails, especially further down on the pages of the search where the posts are not so grandly linked. Be specific about places, dates & times in the search as well as "distress" or "help", etc. Also, there are many Spanish-speaking people in the Gulf area who may need translators. You never know. I was new to computers then, and I was amazed I could be so helpful from so far away. And, so harrowing - stories of women giving birth in trees while the waters rage all night below them. So many hurt people trying to locate loved ones.

I know it sounds stupid, but I try to visualize a white light around people, protecting them, preserving the life-force, magical connections. Seems to comfort me. A Love-Light.
Meanwhile, join in Blog for Relief Day. Post, at least once, calling for donations to the relief organization of your choice. (Scroll to previous post to click on Red Cross links & for more links.)
  • News from New Orleans here.

  • more Blog for relief Day links from Instant Pundit here
    Thanks to Wood's Lot, Rebecca Loudon, Seth Abramson, and others, for info and links. Keep it coming. Poets can handle it. Courage. Connect.

    And, BRING OUR NATIONAL GUARD HOME NOW! $191,500,000,000 would go a long way in Biloxi. Call out Halliburton & The Carlisle Group: Sling Sand-Bags, Not Lies! "Levee's gonna break. . .".

    Check out Alisa Valdes (neé Rodriguez) & Margaret Cho for putting a stop to (becoming aware of) racist/classist news reports: "Blacks loot" /"Whites salvage supplies".



    Blogger gingerivers said...


    I've been compiling a database of links and emailing those whose email addresses I can find online with any resources for information I can find.

    How can news regarding rescue/relocation/housing/support
    offers from the private sector be relayed to those affected?

    Do you have other suggestions?


    4/9/05 10:02  
    Blogger gingerivers said...

    Please pass this on to others

    Katrina Information Map - This map is intended for the use of people affected by Hurricane Katrina who have or are trying to find information about the status of specific locations affected by the storm and its aftermath. If you have information about the status of an area that is not yet on the map, please contribute by following the instructions below so that others may get that much needed information.

    4/9/05 10:05  

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