Monday, August 29, 2005

Commemorating August 29* — ¡Ajua!

And celebrating (remembering) everyone associated with the coalition wherever you are wherever you were whatever you did. Without you this blog wouldn't be. Nor I. Gracias a Lalo eternamente for not letting me live with a thousand masterpieces hanging only from my mind. Paz & Tierra. Mexica tiahui! Educate. Reflect. Act.

*Click on the usual suspects for more links & knowledge about the August 29th Chicano Moratorium. NO WAR. BASTA YA.


Anonymous karimi said...

it's also my 34th birthday, pero who is counting, tu sabes?

karimi's birthday ajua!
huaracan ajua!

i sound like my mother. damn. because every time someone asks her her birthday, she says "the same day as the challenger explosion."

wow. is this what happens to our birthdays. they become sources of tragedy?

pero...they should be the day of the mother. en serio. birthdays should be the day that the kid (who ever's birthday it is) goes and treats her/his mother to the greatest celebration ever, and then instead of mother's day, we have a global birthday, so we all celebrate each other's birthdays communally. one big pachanga, tu sabes. (thus we are trading mothers' day for our birthdays, i think it's fair)


9/9/05 23:03  

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