Saturday, August 27, 2005

"Towards M's Beginning of the Alpha bet"

**$** (for M)

borrowing cash,
divorced, exquisitely, from

helmets, insular
jests, knave love,

notices one
pair: quark-like, relaxed,

to undying
vigor — willfully "X"

zany again.
Baffled, cashless, determined

for giving
heart in June —

love, M
notices open poppies,

rivers sunning
towards undivided vessels,

(xeric youth!)
zeroes after boredom.

Diametrics evidently
forgotten, grieved, horded.

just know
, M notes:

paragraphs questioning,
reasoning, satiating, transforming

vowels wide-open,
x-like, yawning — zapped.

~ Lorna Dee Cervantes
Abecedarian Hay(na)ku Experiment:
  • "Towards A: New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • "B Towards A New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • "C-ing Towards A New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • "Towards A New Beginning of the Alpha bet to D"

  • "Towards E's New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • "Towards An Effin' New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • "Towards, G, A New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • "Towards H's New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • "Towards the Alpha bet's New Beginning of I"

  • "Towards J's New Beginning of the Alpha bet Towards D"

  • "O', 'K Towards A New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • "Towards L: A New Beginning of the Alpha bet"

  • * It's one-a-day, folks!
    more hay(na)ku at Eileen Tabio's, inventor of hay(na)ku form (1/2/3 word tercets) & at Didi Menéndez' group blog, Café Café. (*Peace to Katrina. Hoping for rest & news. Tony Thomas? Heck to all hurricanes!)


    Blogger Ernesto said...

    I loved M! Awesome... Been thinking of ways of translating while reading. Difficult task, indeed. Can't wait for P!

    28/8/05 09:50  
    Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

    Hey, Priego, you sprung me to P! Numbers, sequences, non-auditory patterns were never my thing. I had just written a "Summer Pleasures" wine poem for Eileen Tabios when I was finishing up my morning blog reading (I click everybody on my roll morning & night, but then, I'm a creature of habit, even after getting to that habit spontaneously.) I was thinking that it was time to write another hay(na)ku when I read your comment — and commenced to write it! "P" thinking I was up to P (and knowing the significance of P to the sequence).

    Ha! But that's your name! P. Oops. I'll write it here & maybe leave it until ready. See if I have enough energy & time to do N today. O!

    Translating it? Wow! I'm surprised you can even read them. I can hardly read them sometimes. But they're fun. Good language training, eh? (Gringo training?) THAT'S A JOKE, FOLKS! Besides, originally, gringo was a term of endearment. It refers to the Scotch cowboys, before there were such things, singing every night with the charros (Mexican when the land was México & they were the *real* cowboys.) They were those guys, esos, los who were always singing that "gring'os" song: "Green grows the rushes ("rashes"), oh!" (I love Dougie MacLean's version, but I love Dougie MacLean — good poetry in the lyric.) Kinda like a Scottish ranchera written by Burns, I believe. It meant they were the good guys, not to be confused with the German ranchers.

    Just don't call me one. (grin) En serio.

    P.S. Hope to see you in Wash., DC. Let me know, and I'll try & reserve tickets for you and a compañera/o. (You're quite the jet-setter: DF de DC) I made the mistake of telling my son about the comics conference and now every morning he begs me: "I'm begging you on bended knee, I'll do anything, I'll clean dog doo, I'll. . .". Can you tell? He's way, way into comics. I try to talk him out of it by showing him the website and explaining it's a bunch of boring academics talking ABOUT comics, but that doesn't faze him. (This kid has been going to my poetry readings since he 10 days old, what could be more boring than that?) I've always been a supporter of graphic novelists & have had a lifelong crush on "Keep On Truckin's" creator (name will come to me in a moment, yes, this one, R. Crumb.) Bob. He was friends with friends of my best friend, gay guy in high school, who took me every year to a huge 4th of July barbeque to Sebastopol, CA with R. Crumb on banjo and player piano as the entertainment. He never noticed me. I was as much as a crumb on the rug to his bow-tie. Sigh. Loved the movie, too. Maybe the only time I ever longed to be a gringa.

    Hmmm, now I'm hungry. Let's see, tortillas, queso, soy bologna. . .

    28/8/05 13:53
    (oops, posted this to your other comment)

    28/8/05 17:52  
    Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

    "Towards P, A New, Beginning of the Alpha bet"

    +++++ (for P)

    Blissful, complex
    digression, expressionable fancy,

    holidays, icings,
    jealous knowings, love:

    No oppressor.
    P questions relations:

    tuteleges undone,
    vile wizardry's X,

    zipperless avatars
    bewildering chosen (determined)

    F's. Gee,
    hardly intelligent, July's

    lustful milkings
    now otherwise. P,

    Reserved (satiated)
    to unimaginable venom.

    Zeus, ashen, bored)

    determines eligible
    for G=d? Hallowed

    jacking-off, knowledge
    limitless, more, not

    P quakes,
    resists summer treatings;

    victimless, waiting,
    xeroxed yet zealous.

    28/8/05 14:30  

    28/8/05 17:54  
    Blogger Ernesto said...

    Wow! Now I can't tell which one I like best... I will need some time to think of ways of translating your Alpha-bet-ical hay(na)ku.

    And I'd love to meet you in DC. Me and my compañera will be there October 12-16. And hopefully ICAF will not be that boring, even if it's just academics trying to figure out ways of using scholarly chit-chat to talk about comics!

    Thanks a lot for all your kind words and the amazing, awe-inspiring poetry.

    28/8/05 23:03  

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