Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tibetan Book of the Dead

Scroll down to read my "fok wil" entry. There is a Tibetan Book of the Dead class that begins wednesday night and proceeds every w night for, I believe, 49 days, the time period of the first bardo. I had been considering taking it (investing) at Naropa. The class is also designed to help people help others to deal with their own, as well as a loved one's, journey.

My father lay in state, for lack of a better phrase, for five days. I believe I saw and felt his Spirit (mindbody) pass after the indigenous & Tibetan rituals were performed and the chants & songs sung. One of the last things he said, the day before he died, was "I'd like to learn more about the Tibetan Book of the Dead." He's studying now.

$125. Wednesday night.


Blogger early hours of sky said...

I know someone who wrote the most amazing book of poetry after reading The Tibetan Book of the Dead It was nominated for a Pulitzer. Take the class.

7/9/05 21:36  

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