Wednesday, May 25, 2005

June 1-Thought for A Day: Giving a Peace of My Mind for My Piece of Mind; Or, Never Ask Mr. President to Translate Your Mind (Into Standard English)

"waste is a terrible thing to mind" ~something from La Bird beneath the shadow of a Bush

Thought for the Day:
"Never ask the President to translate your mind." ~LDC

Is that seditious? Or merely sedentary? Sedation? Against the sedationary?

"The mind is a terrible thing to waste."

"A terrible mind is to waste." ~LDC
Express yours. Give us a Peace. Email the media on June 1. Vote with a pixel or a pen. Or, as is always better, write a letter by hand now. Sign your name. Have it delivered June 1. Remember. Feel family, however you create it. Remember love. What do you want to create? You can speak. Speak up now. Time to clean House? Time to watch House? Do it Wednesday mourning. June 1.
P.S. Perhaps a better use of public & private monies is to fund a program to give poetry recitation lessons to acting presidents. Yeah. Poetry for Politicians! They can hold poetry recitation contests ( no slams, puhleeze) under the Dome or from the Senate floor. Raise much needed funding for our schooling of illiterate, test-taking, pill-popping ethically challenged, experience-starved young minds. Better pay for the real educators. Let the kids write their own poems. We don't need another form of the crypt or cripe for the elite & socially ept. Having worked in schools most of my adult life, beginning with Poetry In the Schools in the Bay Area, co-founded by and then directed by poet/doer, John Oliver Simon, I venture to say that a better use of the funds (do we really need another study to know that no one reads—but everyone needs—poetry?) would be to fund National Poetry Hour in all the schools. (My son's class holds a poetry club during lunch, as is logical as poetry=brain food, 1 hour of listening to kids read their own and other people's poetry, but then, his school is enlightened, as is the teacher who I would love to see get as much assistance, salary & perks as a professional politician.)

National Poetry Hour, daily, in the schools. Just listen. Real poets. Real people who are not poets. Pinsky had the right (write?) idea, scrap the comprehesive Norton of American Poetry of the 20th century, and just listen to people read, and talk or not talk about it, thir favorite poem.

I'll mourn with all, these—too many—deaths this weekend. I'll feast and set a few plates for Spirit. I'll remember my father who just passed. His lesson passed down to his family:

"Learn to listen."

What is said. What was done. Maybe what it looked like, what color the blood was is sometimes relevant to the investigation, especially if it is your own mother who is bludgeoned and burned in the family home. The people have a right to know. The People do not have a Right to interpret; or to be beholden to the Grand Interpreters. What were the exact words spoken?

"The mind is a terrible thing to say."

Perhaps only then will we ever uncover Truth. And, under/stand.

"Don't Mourn. Poeticize." ~LDC
It's a medically established fact that reading & writing (listening to?) poetry alleviates depression, one of the top 3 killers of youth today (suicide, particularly among Native American children).

Peace on! Poetry on! "The debonnaire shall inherit the Earth."

June 1, 2005. For the love of Gaia. "Just do it."
(never mind)
Signed, a (formerly?) (formally?) (no Fore-Fatherly?) Shy Kid

  • Remember. "A terrible mind wastes."


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