Friday, May 20, 2005

Blog Quote: A Throw of Thoreau (with apologies to John Litzenberg)

the Radical Druid whose words these were:
We are not lost in these words, nor are they lost in us.

~Lorna Dee Cervantes

"We are not lost here in these woods,
nor are they lost to us." ~J.L.
These words are at the top of his blog in quotation marks. Must have been the day a Thoreau quote was featured & I assumed it was a hank o' Hank. Could be. Great line. I had it on my blog entry for the bio-poem and everytime I misread it as "words" instead of "woods", and it seemed, thusly, the sum of all I have to say about 2 1/2 months of blogging. Thanks, Rad. And, sorry, I couldn't resist not losing the title. My apologies. (check out Radical Druid's link in the comments section.)

as some incredibly sweet jazzed bird loudly sounds a concert in the breaking wolf's hour right outside my window—a morning cue (mourning queue)—and now it stops, with the light of my thought

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Anonymous John said...

Actually, the line is not from Thoreau, but from a poem of mine:

Earth and Wood

We are not lost here in these woods,
nor are they lost in us;
if you listen, still, for just a moment
the sensation of roots, searching

for moisture in this often parched land,
pushing away the organic substance
that keeps us from being grounded,
sensing which way is the center,

will slowly come upon us,

like dawn, stretching its lazy arms
to embrace the freshness
of the world.

Listen: you can hear the Earth
breathing softly with you,
laughing when you start to smile
and weeping when you walk away.

If we are to be lost, She says,
we will be lost together.

Copyright 2001 John Litzenberg

20/5/05 18:25  

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