Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"I Was Born; But Not Quite News"

—a "BioPoem" from Poetry Sundays; title is a riff off a line from "Eulogy On A Blank Canvas" by a
  • Radical Druid
  • ~"We are not lost in these woods, nor are they lost in us"
    I Was Born; But Not Quite News

    Lost Land of the Deer, loner
    Who lives in words on moss dry rock, lichen quartzite quarry,
    A lover of long vowels & longer sentences, stray milleniums of pleasure,
    Who notices a sunset's fable, the inflection of oak, parched landscapes beyond the potted plant,
    Who feels the thirst inside but goes out into the marsh, feeling the blades of loss,
    Who dreams....or hopes.....or wishes...... —not.
    Lorna Dee Cervantes,
    A person who picks apart the paper, and is not anewsed.

    c 2005 Lorna Dee Cervantes
    11 May 2005
    Based on an exercise from Poetry Sundays, that stipulates the following:

    Biopoem Exercise by Ellen Edwell

    Here's something to try, if you like. It's called a BIOPOEM. It has a particular format that I use to get students going sometimes.

    line 1: Your first name
    line 2: Four nouns or adjectives that describe you
    line 3: Who lives in______________
    line 4: A lover of.... (list 3-4 specific people, things, ideas)
    line 5: Who notices..... (list 3-4 specific things)
    line 6: Who feels..... (3-4 specific listings)
    line 7: Who learns ________________ from ______________ (2-3 listings)
    line 8: Who dreams....or hopes.....or wishes......
    line 9: Your full name
    line 10: A person who____________________________

    I know it seems silly, but it generates something tangible for most people
    and seems to get some juices flowing.


    Anonymous Janet said...

    Lorna, not quite loner,
    You appeared in my dreams last night,

    12/5/05 08:23  
    Anonymous John said...

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for the wonderful images ...

    dry moss rock and lichen quarry
    long words filling life's long story
    sunset's glow and shadow's glory

    Bright blessings to you and yours :)

    12/5/05 10:19  
    Blogger Brian Campbell said...

    I'm very anewsed by this! I'll have to try it myself... thanks!

    12/5/05 19:25  

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